Bryce Harper goes 0-for-0 with two walks in Phillies debut

Getty Images

Bryce Harper made his debut for the Philadelphia Phillies this afternoon against the Toronto Blue Jays. It was just a spring game and doesn’t count for anything, obviously, but it probably got a higher rating in Philly than most anything else has for some time. Folks there are, quite understandably, excited about their new $330 million star.

As far as it went there was no real action: Harper came to the plate twice and drew five-pitch walks in each appearance. After the first walk he was knocked in with a two-run homer by Rhys Hoskins. After his second walk he was pulled for a pinch runner. He had no defensive chances because he was the DH. End scene.

The highlight of the day: Harper came to the plate to the theme song from “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” Which, if you want to overthink it a bit could suggest that, like the title character, he plans to flee Philly and go to Los Angeles as soon as things get dicey there, but let’s not start any irresponsible rumors, shall we?