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Larry Baer to ‘take personal time away’ from Giants


On Friday, Larry Baer, the CEO of the San Francisco Giants, was caught on tape having a loud, public argument with his wife. In the video he tried to rip a cell phone out of her hands, which caused her to tumble off of her chair and to the ground as she screamed “help me!”

Soon after the incident, Baer seemed to diminish his role in his wife’s falling to the ground. Later that day the Baers issued a joint statement saying they were “embarrassed” about the “heated argument” and said they had “resolved the issue.” Late Friday, Baer released a second solo statement, apologizing to his wife, children and the Giants organization and saying he would “do whatever it takes to make sure that I never behave in such an inappropriate manner again.”

It was hard not to read that progression as it increasingly dawning on Baer at how badly he came off in that video and endeavoring to ratchet-up his initial non-apology into something more substantive. A few moments ago it was ratcheted-up even further, with the “whatever it takes” being Baer relinquishing control of the Giants for an indefinite period:

Whether this move was truly Baer’s choice or, rather, whether this represents pressure from the Giants board is unknown and, probably, unknowable, but it’s telling that the comment is coming from the Giants as opposed to Baer. Either way, it’s also likely a preventative move, as Major League Baseball said on Friday that it was “gathering the facts” and would no doubt soon want to do something to Baer too. If you’re running the Giants you want that move to have as little impact on the team itself as opposed to Baer personally, thus auguring in favor of this kind of statement and action.

For more on this, you can read my post from Friday night, which goes over Major League Baseball’s history of disciplining owners. Yesterday morning, over at my personal blog, I talked a bit about how incidents such as these reveal just how many men out there seem to have no real problem with men abusing women.


Mariano Rivera awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom


Hall of Famer Mariano Rivera was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Trump on Monday. The Presidential Medal of Freedom is the highest civilian honor to “individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the security or national interests of America, to world peace, or to cultural or other significant public or private endeavors.”

Babe Ruth was posthumously awarded the medal last year. Yogi Berra got it posthumously in 2015, and Willie Mays and Vin Scully were also awarded it the same year.

Trump and Rivera are close. Rivera, who is from Panama, has been criticized for his relationship with Trump. Defending that relationship, Rivera said on Fox & Friends in July, “Mr. President Trump to me, he was a friend of mine before he became president. So, because he’s president I will turn my back on him? No. I respect him. I respect what he does and I believe he’s doing the best for the United States of America.”

Rivera, 49, served on Trump’s Opioid and Drug Abuse Commission in 2017. In 2018, Rivera co-chaired Trump’s Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition. Rivera also co-hosted a fundraiser dinner for the America First Action PAC, which supports Trump and was also hosted by Donald Trump Jr. and Fox News personality Kimberly Guilfoyle.

This past January, Rivera became the first player ever inducted into the Hall of Fame unanimously. He is the all-time leader in saves with 652 as well as adjusted ERA (also known as ERA+) at 205. He retired with a 2.21 ERA and 1,173 strikeouts across 1,283 2/3 innings, spanning 19 seasons with the Yankees.