Whoops: Bryce Harper vows to bring title to D.C.

Getty Images

It’s a slow news day so let’s go back and look at the dregs of the Harper-Palooza over the weekend. Of not necessarily important note, but fun note all the same:

Harper is going to wear number three for the Phillies. He, quite admirably, said that he wants Roy Halladay to be the last Phillie to wear number 34. The Phillies didn’t feel that way before Halladay died — A.J. Burnett, Aaron Harang, Brett Oberholtzer, A.J. Ellis and Andrew Knapp all donned it between 2014-17 — but no one has worn it since Halladay’s tragic death, with the Phillies making a point of that in 2018. Harper’s choice here was no doubt the right one. One suspects, though, that if he hadn’t made that choice someone would’ve wisely stepped in and made it for him.

That said: wearing number three is insanely disrespectful to Phillies legend Jeff Francoeur, and I’m not sure why the fans are standing for it. Sad.

In other news, muscle memory is a tough thing to shake. In this case it caused Harper to say he wanted to bring a World Series title to Washington D.C.:

As a man who has been married twice, allow me to endorse the idea of taking that extra half second before one speaks, always. It can be a lifesaver.

Welcome to Philly, Bryce.