Shohei Ohtani on Brad Ausmus: ‘He’s a very good-looking guy’

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As you know, each December I rate major league managers for handsomeness. I’m not necessarily proud that it’s the most popular post I write each year, but who am I to question the desires of the public? I do it for you, not for me. You should really thank me, frankly.

Of course, I was not the first person to observe that some baseball managers are handsome. Indeed, the genesis of my first Handsome Manager Ranking back in 2013 was my now-wife, then-girlfriend — a Tigers fan — watching Brad Ausmus walk into the hotel at the Winter Meetings down in Orlando and give him a serious looking-over. I’m secure about the state of our relationship, and was then too, but yeah, it was something to observe. And it’s a big reason why Ausmus has been at or near the top of the rankings every year he’s managed. I have to assume that the woman who chose to spend the rest of her life with me has good taste, right?

Don’t answer that. Just go with it.

But it’s not just my wife who finds Ausmus to be a hot little number. So too does his designated hitter and rehabbing ace:

As I said, I’ll give him Ausmus. I’m a lot more skeptical about Scioscia. My rankings had him at or near the bottom most years. I suppose we’ll chalk this up to diplomacy. I mean, given that he left the Angels on pretty good terms, all things considered, he’s more likely than not to show up at camp in Tempe at some point down the line or to be at some games in Anaheim eventually. Can’t be slamming the ex-boss, I suppose.

Anyway, I’d like there to be some free agent signings now.