Checking in with players’ feelings about the hot stove

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Two weeks ago I wrote about how some players were not happy with the state of the hot stove season. Not happy with how over 100 free agents are still looking for work — including two of the best players in the game — less than two weeks before pitchers and catchers report.

Almost no free agents of note have signed since then, so the displeasure with how things are going is still, not surprisingly, there. Let’s check on some of that sentiment!

First up, 12-year veteran reliever Peter Moylan, who saw the news yesterday that the Red Sox have signed reliever Jenrry Meija, who was just reinstated from a lifetime ban for three positive PED tests:

Moylan had a bit of a down year last year, posting an ERA+ of 92. Mejia’s last ERA+ was 95. Five years ago. But hey, the Red Sox are probably saving, like, $100,000 or something going with the guy who hasn’t pitched since the first “Ant Man” movie was in theaters and, really, isn’t that what it’s all about?

Moving on, a lot of us are confused as to why Marwin Gonzalez hasn’t signed yet. We’re in an era where the multi-position player is more valuable than he ever has been, and Gonzalez is the best of that rare but highly-coveted bunch. You’d think, then, that someone would’ve snagged him already. Astros pitcher Collin McHugh, however, explains how, to the modern front office, maybe Gonzalez isn’t quite versatile enough:

Any thoughts Justin Verlander?

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