Report: Padres bidding for Manny Machado

Getty Images

Just last weekend there was a big story about the San Diego Padres’ finances. It was deployed, I argued, by team ownership as an excuse for why the team isn’t spending any real money on the free agent market.

Maybe that’s already outdated information, because the San Diego Union-Tribune reports that the Padres are pursuing Manny Machado. The U-T’s reporter, Kevin Acee, reports that the Padres were not initially one of the “mystery teams” in on Machado, but they “became players in the pursuit of Machado a week ago when reports surfaced of a price that was far lower than expected.”

So, it would seem, to be a bit of bargain hunting. But that’s good, right? If other suitors are cheap or slow, jump and hope for the best, yes? If they make a credible offer, it’ll cause other teams interested in him to actually bid competitively and, bam, you have a properly-functioning market. Like we’re supposed to have.

Will Machado end up in San Diego? Probably not, I suspect, as free agents like him so often value winning immediately and the Padres, at least in 2019, don’t figure to compete for a playoff spot. Still, Machado is young, the Padres system is pretty stacked and it’s not hard to envision a scenario on which, with him in tow, the Padres are competitive for the bulk of any deal he’d sign there. So, just as it’s not crazy for the White Sox to be bidding on him, it’s makes a lot of sense for the Padres to be doing so.

Plus, he might look good in brown?