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Kyler Murray declares for NFL draft


All of the big Kyler Murray news dropped last night. Upshot: the A’s and Major League Baseball tacitly admitted how much they under pay team-controlled players and made the damn nigh unprecedented move to at least consider paying a player what he’s worth to play baseball. Crazy!

Today there will likely be some more Murray news: he will likely declare for the NFL draft. If you’re someone who is super invested in him playing baseball, however, don’t freak out yet. Because, apparently, his declaration will not violate his current contract with the Athletics and he and they and everyone involved still has time to figure it all out. That from Susan Slusser via Jon Morosi.

Murray may, obviously, choose to play football when it’s all said and done, but a draft declaration today will not close the door on baseball. Rather, it’s an administrative requirement for football and, perhaps, an exercise of leverage with respect to baseball.

A minor leaguer with leverage. What strange and unprecedented times in which we live.

UPDATE: He’s done it:

B.J. Upton is going by B.J. Upton again

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Outfielder B.J. Upton went by the name B.J., short for Bossman Junior, through the 2014 season. His father Manny was known as Bossman, hence Bossman Junior. Upton decided he wanted to be referred to by his birth name Melvin starting in 2015, saying that everyone except baseball fans knew him by that name. Now, he’s back to B.J., Scott Boeck of USA TODAY Sports reports.

For those keeping score at home, Upton is the artist formerly and currently known as B.J.

Upton, 34, hasn’t played in the majors since 2016. He signed a minor league deal with the Indians in December 2017 but was released in the middle of last March and wasn’t able to latch on with another team. It seems unlikely he finds his way back to the majors.