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Mets sign Luis Avilán to minor league deal

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The Mets announced on Thursday the signing of reliever Luis Avilán to a minor league contract with an invitation to spring training. Avilán was non-tendered by the Phillies at the end of November.

Avilán, 29, spent most of last season with the White Sox, then was traded to the Phillies in late August. In aggregate, he posted a 3.77 ERA with 51 strikeouts and 18 walks over 45 1/3 innings.

Avilán and Daniel Zamora are the Mets’ only lefty relievers as the roster is presently constructed, so it figures that Avilán has a decent shot to break camp on the 25-man roster.

Ugly brawl breaks out among parents at a youth baseball game

Lakewood Co. Police

People like to decry “participation trophies” as a harbinger of the end of civilization as we know it, but they beat the heck out of people who think youth sports is the most important thing going. Because it’s those sorts of misguided souls who start ugly stuff like that which went down at a baseball game for seven and eight-year-olds in Lakewood, Colorado over the weekend.

As usual it was the parents — not the kids — who caused the ugliness. What sparked it? A call by the umpire. The umpire who is 13-years-old by the way. Because, obviously, the stakes were that high.

It’s unclear how a disputed call escalated into the full-blown brawl you see below, but I’m guessing the call was merely pretext for some pretty horrible people to do some pretty awful things in front of their small children. Predispositions to be jackwagons are hard to shake.

Particularly awful is the sucker punch the guy in the teal shorts and white t-shirt unleashed, which led to what appears to be a serious injury to the guy he punched. Lakewood police are circulating the video in an effort to get more information about the fight and, particularly, to track down the guy who threw that sucker punch.

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