Bryce Harper to meet with the Phillies

Getty Images

The cold-as-ice hot stove shows no signs of heating up, but perhaps this will trick us into feeling some warmth: NBC Sports Philly’s Jim Salisbury reports that Bryce Harper is going to meet with the Phillies.

They’re actually going to go out to Las Vegas to meet with him. Which is where all the teams were a month ago for the Winter Meetings, during which Harper and his agent reportedly took meetings with teams all week in a hotel suite down the street. Were the Phillies just not invited then? Is there new information that has arisen in the past month that must be obtained?

Harper: So.

Phillies: So.

Phillies: Um, are you still good at baseball?

Harper: Think so. You guys still want an outfielder?

Phillies: Think so.

Then, I presume, another month will pass, with Harper’s signing just barely crowding out stories about un-signed free agents forming an impromptu training camp at IMG Academy in Florida, after which 60% of them take minor league deals and/or retire.

God, baseball is amazing these days.