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Yankees plan to meet with Manny Machado


LAS VEGAS — Jon Heyman says that the Yankees plan to meet with free agent Manny Machado.

I know the Yankees have talked a frugal game so far this offseason, but they seem to make too much sense for one another for them to not at least talk. New York will need a shortstop for a good chunk of the season and they will need a third baseman longer term. Machado fits both of those bills and, even if he wants to play short, the money will ultimately talk and the Yankees have a load of it.

The Phillies and the White Sox of all teams have expressed the most interest in making the big splash signing Machado would occasion, but there is no team more capable of making a bigger splash than the Yankees. Let’s see if they jump into the water.

Donald Trump wants Curt Schilling in the Hall of Fame

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We’ve talked a lot about Curt Schilling’s Hall of Fame candidacy over the years.

Bill has argued that, if voters are going to use the character clause to keep certain players out, they should keep Curt Schilling out. I’ve differed on that, not because I think Schilling is a good person — he’s loathsome, actually — but because I find the character clause to be illegitimate and would never, if I had a vote, use it to impact my vote. So, yes, I’d put Schilling on my ballot if I had one.

I’m not alone in this, of course. At the moment Schilling has support on about 72% of ballots which have been made public. My guess is that he’ll fall a tad short when results are announced tomorrow — non-public ballots tend to include fewer players on them — but we’ll see.

I am not the only non-BBWAA member who would vote for Schilling. He’s got some top level support too. From the President of the United States:

Ballots had to be submitted by December 31, so it’s not like this is gonna have any impact on the vote totals. If it came earlier, though, one wonders if it would. And one wonders if that’d help Schilling or hurt him.