Chili Davis to be the Mets new hitting coach


The Mets are reportedly going to make Chili Davis their next hitting coach. It’s not official yet, but multiple outlets are saying it’s in the works.

Davis was fired by the Cubs in October and, if he gets the Mets job, will be on his fourth team as a hitting coach. He would replace Pat Roessler, who the Mets fired after the season after only one year on the job. As such, Davis would be the Mets’ third hitting coach in as many seasons.

Which, while some might say reflects poorly on the abilities and/or patience of either Davis and/or the Mets, I prefer to think is more a matter of no one really being able to say what makes a good hitting coach after you get past the “does the team have good hitters who perform well?” inquiry. More so than any job in baseball, a hitting coach’s success is determined by the roster and its health.

Which is to say: I wouldn’t think too hard about this either way, Mets fans.

Mets sign Matt Kemp to minor league deal

Matt Kemp
Getty Images

The Mets have had a lot of injuries in their outfield. How many? So many that they’re bringing in Matt Kemp, who they just signed on a minor league deal. Hey, why not? He’s functionally free.

Kemp was released by the Reds earlier this month after batting just .200/.210/.283 over 62 plate appearances. While he was a pretty useful player for the first half of the 2018 season for the Dodgers, the odds of him making major contributions to the Mets this year are probably about the same odds there were on Adrián González making an impact when the Mets signed him last year. But again: what’s the harm?