Tigers sign pitcher Matt Moore to one-year deal

Getty Images

Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports reports that the Detroit Tigers have signed lefty Matt Moore to a one-year deal. The exact financial terms are not yet known, but the deal reportedly guarantees him between $2.5 million and $3 million.

Moore, who became a free agent when the Texas Rangers declined his $10 million 2019 option, is coming off his worst season as a major leaguer. He was moved from the rotation to the bullpen in midseason en route to a 6.79 ERA in 39 games. His peripherals, while worse, were not excessively worse than the year before, however. More of his fly balls made it over the fence and more of his batted balls found holes, it would seem. Of course, that was compared to a 2017 season which wasn’t all that hot either, so don’t put down playoff deposits just yet, Tigers fan.

Wait, don’t put them down at all as it’s the Tigers we’re talking about. Do expect Moore, however, to absorb a bunch of innings for a rebuilding team. At least if things go well for him. Indeed, this could be the best chance he’ll have to return to starting full time, so it was probably a good move for him to go with Detroit.