Introducing the Marlins new uniforms


Yesterday we got the Marlins’ new colors. Today we see the new colors as they appear on the new caps and uniforms. Photos and an introductory video below.

The verdict: not bad. Not, as I feared, some neo-traditionalist thing inappropriate for a young franchise but not some step-too-far into the future or anything mock-worthy. The kit may not make non-Marlins fans rush out to buy new merch based on simple aesthetics, but it should make Marlins fans happy. It’s not a bad look.

There are four colors of jersey — white, gray, black and blue:

It looks like there’s only a black cap. Maybe there will be more later. Seems like a blue cap would be pretty spiffy looking, but what do I know?

And here they are on the players in the club’s video:

You can buy this stuff at, of course.