Alex Cora asked Bill Belichick for advice about “focus” last night

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Alex Cora and the Boston Red Sox were the guests of honor at last night’s Patriots-Packers game. There was a lot of what you’d expect: the team appearing on the field with the World Series trophy, big cheers and all of the rest of the sort of goofy, loose fun you see from a baseball team in the week or so after it wins it all.

But it may not be that way forever. Indeed, things may get Very. Serious. for the Boston Red Sox soon. Why? Because Alex Cora is hitting up the world’s most serious man for advice. From Peter King’s Football Morning in America:

Cora has watched his counterpart on the Patriot sidelines, and though he doesn’t know Belichick well, he admires one thing in particular.

“The way you see him in silence,” Cora said, just outside the raucous Gillette box with eight of his players and a few club officials.

“He’s thinking. He’s calm, very calm. That’s what people say about me. Don’t show emotion, don’t get too high, don’t get too low. Biggest moments of the game, be the same.”

No, Alex! You’re already calm! But you’re also fun! Don’t give in to the grumpy dark side!

Cora will meet back up with Belichick before spring training, he hopes. He asked Belichick for advice Sunday night, when they talked pre-game. “I told him, ‘We have to catch up because you know a lot about this back to back stuff. You have to fill me in how we keep the team focused and how can we do this.’”

Dang. Too late.

Oh well, at least for now the Red Sox seem to still be having fun: