2018-19 Position-by-position Free Agent Preview

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The kickoff for the 2018-19 free agency extravaganza will most likely come some time this afternoon when Clayton Kershaw and the Dodgers decide his future. He has until 4PM to exercise his opt-out clause and become a free agent. All signs at the moment, however, point to him remaining with Los Angeles. We’ll know soon enough.

This year’s free agent class is a whole heck of a lot more interesting than a maybe-free-agent Kershaw. Indeed, it’s a better free agent class than we’ve seen in several years.

Earlier this week we looked at the upcoming free agent signing period on a position-by-position basis with an eye on who’s available, who’s shopping and what might go down between tomorrow and, well, when everyone signs.

For those who missed it, here are those installments:

In addition to those overviews, you should go read Matthew Pouliot’s annual rundown of the top 111 free agents available for a truly detailed look at what’s out there. Bookmark that one, as it’ll be a handy dandy reference for you all winter long. “Wait, my team signed . . . Brad Bach? What am I supposed to think about that?” Well, that’s what that article is for.

And, as we have for the past nine offseasons, check in with us constantly this winter as we’ll be posting about, and talking about, free agent signings soon after they happen.

Happy Hot Stove Season, everyone.