Dodgers extend deadline to exercise their option on David Freese

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Clayton Kershaw is not the only one who has agreed with the Dodgers to put off a deadline. Now David Freese has done the same. As is the case with Kershaw, he and the Dodgers have agreed to extend the deadline by which time the club must exercise its option on him until Friday at 4 PM ET.

The numbers for Freese are nowhere near as large, of course. The club option, if exercised, would pay him a $6 million salary in 2019. If not exercised he’d get a $500,000 buyout and would become a free agent. That Freese was amenable to the extra time is, one would suspect, partially a function of him not being able to sign with another team until Saturday anyway, so it’s not like he is losing time on the market. It’s likely more largely a function of each side wanting to hammer out some sort of deal that would keep him in Los Angeles. That would likely involve a reduced annual salary but, perhaps, a longer guaranteed term.

Freese had a pretty spiffy 2018 season, split between the Pirates and the Dodgers, hitting .296/.359/.471 with 11 homers in 312 plate appearances. In the postseason we went 8-for-20 with a walk, two homers and six runs batted in 14 games as the right side of a first base platoon, more or less. His transformation from an everyday player to a platoon player makes a lot of sense for him given his skills and, given how aggressively Dave Roberts and the Dodgers platoon, he’s a pretty good fit. It would thus make sense for the sides to keep talking in an effort to work something out.