Francisco Lindor homer helps Indians regain lead

Getty Images

Earlier today I was talking with people on Twitter about how the cliche that “small ball wins playoff games” is dumb. Coming in today’s games, 42 of the 77 runs scored in the postseason so far (55%) had scored on home runs. In the Braves-Dodgers’ series, 16 of the 20 runs (80%) have come on home runs. Only two of the 12 games played so far in the playoffs have not featured a homer. A hat tip to JJ Cooper of Baseball America for those facts, by the way.

So imagine my discomfort when the Indians scored their first run today thanks to a Francisco Lindor bunt followed by a sac fly. That’s some pretty small ball, my friends! If that run had held up, I’d have some egg on my face, at least to some degree.

Thankfully George Springer‘s homer in the top of the fifth put us back in Dingerville. Then, in the bottom half, Bunting Francisco Lindor came up with something more powerful on his mind: a long homer to left field off an 88 m.p.h. Dallas Keuchel fastball:

It’s 2-1 in the sixth.