A’s fan gets doused with beer at Wild Card game, goes viral

Getty Images

Before anyone comments here, can we please stipulate that there are jerks and jackwagons everywhere? That while, yes, this story involves some Yankees fans dousing an opposing fan with beer that it does not mean (a) all Yankees fans are like that; and that (b) no non-Yankees fans have ever done this? Because, no, the act of one jerk does not define a fan base and yes, this has happened in a lot of ballparks by fans of probably every team.

Thanks. I’ve been in about 500 arguments about this kind of thing with people in the past and I know that that’s where y’all are gonna wanna go and I’d like to try to head that off. Anyway.

This instance is unique in that it led to some quick Internet fame for the dumpee and, it seems, a new jersey and cap.

This is the video that kicked things off:

The guy who posted it said he didn’t do it. Whatever. Fine. You just happen to have the point-of-view video of it, but OK, we’ll take you at your word, mostly because no one is paying us to be beer-throwing cops today.

Thankfully, however, the guy who got the beer thrown on him had some people come to his aid online today. Someone alerted the A’s Twitter account about it and the A’s sprung into action:

And . . .

That’s a good ending. And I hope that obnoxious fans — and dumb fans too, because my god, who wastes a $15 beer throwing it at someone? — learned that crime does not pay. And yeah, it probably is a misdemeanor, so I guess I get why one would deny doing it.

All that said, did we all learn that lesson or no?

OK, I guess not. Sigh.