Jeremy Jeffress was unavailable yesterday for undisclosed reasons

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Yesterday Josh Hader handled both the eighth and ninth inning in the Brewers’ tiebreaker win over the Cubs. He needed 35 pitches to handle those two innings, this after 162 games in which he pitched nearly 80 innings.

That’s a lot of work for the young man, but given that he had two days rest it wasn’t the biggest deal ever. Still, it was rather surprising to see him pitch two given that the Brewers had closer Jeremy Jeffress in uniform.

It turns out, however, that Jeffress was unavailable. Why? Well, we don’t really know:

It was reported late last night that it was a medical issue, that it was minor, but that it was undisclosed and, presumably, will remain so.

You OK, Jeremy?

Weird. Cryptic to be sure. But I guess it’s better to be OK than, you know, not OK.