Please root for National League chaos this weekend

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It has been a lackluster playoff stretch, with most races either long decided or else only being a matter of seeding. But we have a chance for some serious chaos this weekend with respect to the National League playoff race.

As you know, only the Braves have clinched their exact position, as NL East champs. The Cubs and Brewers have clinched playoff slots of some kind, though which of them wins the NL Central and which is a Wild Card winner is not yet known. Two of the Rockies, Dodgers and Cardinals will fill the final two slots, with one of the former two winning the NL West and whichever doesn’t fighting it out with the Cards for the second Wild Card.

That may not end up in a mess, but it could be one with a little luck.

Per the impressively and inspirationally-named commenter “sandwiches4ever,” who worked this out in this morning’s recap thread, this is what we need to see this weekend, at least if we want to watch the baseball world burn. And, frankly, we should all want that:

  • Milwaukee winning one more game than the Cubs in their series against the Tigers and Cardinals, respectively;
  • The Rockies going 0-3 or 1-2 this weekend against the Nationals;
  • The Dodgers going 1-2 or 2-1 against the Giants; and
  • The Cardinals going 2-1 or sweeping their series against Chicago.

If we get that, we’d have a divisional playoff between the Brewers and the Cubs, a divisional playoff between the Dodgers and the Rockies and then the loser of THAT playoff would go to St. Louis to see who gets the Wild Card against the loser of the Brewers-Cubs tiebreaker. Meanwhile, sandwiches4ever correctly notes, the Braves would have no idea where they were going to open the NLDS, but I don’t suppose anyone will cry tears over that.

I want that. I hope you want that too. Let’s hope that we get it.