Wil Myers complained about Andy Green during a Fortnite livestream

Getty Images

This may be the most 2018 controversy possible.

Padres outfielder Wil Myers was playing the video game Fortnite with Padres minor leaguer Carlos Asuaje, who was livestreaming it all. As they played, Myers complained about Padres manager Andy Green making the team do cutoff drills:

“The Padres are doing cutoff and relays tomorrow at 3 o’clock — in September, dude. Oh my god. It’s so miserable, man. It’s insane. Andy could not be any worse than he is right now.”

The best part if that Asuaje immediately knew that Myers stepped in it, saying “Dude, I’m streaming this.” He subsequently deleted the video, but nothing ever dies on the Internet.

Yesterday Myers apologized to Green:

“I love Andy, and I love playing for him,” Myers said. “He’s a guy that has taught me a lot in this game. At times, you get into a mood where you get frustrated, no matter what’s going on with a team or individually, and you say some things you shouldn’t say in a conversation that you think’s private. The reality is, now we’re in 2018. … I’m incredibly sorry, obviously to Andy, to my teammates, to the fans. This is a distraction we don’t need.”

Green said the issue was forgotten, saying that players often gripe in private about the manager and that, in this case, Myers just didn’t realize or remember that he was speaking publicly. Which, hey, fair enough.

Still, when you’re an OK but by no means great player like Myers and you’re on a last place team that is on pace to lose close to 100 games, your moaning is probably waaaay less understandable.