Mariners manager Scott Servais got a very, very special haircut

Getty Images

Earlier this season Mariners manager Scott Servais made a bet with this closer, Edwin Diaz: save 50 games and I’ll get my hair cut like you get yours cut.

Which is all fine and good until you realize that Diaz’s haircut is pretty special. One of those deals where racing stripes and jagged angles are shaved into the side which, I am fairly certain, has an actual name but with which old bald dudes like me are wholly and understandably unfamiliar. Suffice it to say, it’s a haircut the likes of which Servais was not likely to ask for for himself the next time he went to Supercuts.

Diaz saved his 50th game on Saturday night. Yesterday, Servais honored the bet, with Diaz’s own barber being flown down to San Diego to do the honors himself:


Viva motivational tactics.