Derek Holland apologizes for his racially insensitive skit on MLB network

Getty Images

As we noted yesterday, Giants pitcher Derek Holland went on MLB Network with the team’s massage therapist, Haro Ogawa, who is Asian, and did a little skit in which he used a mock Asian accent, bowed and generally embarrassed himself and everyone else involved. Today he apologized.

“I want to be held accountable for everything that I’ve done and caused with all of this. It’s embarrassing what I did. I was just trying to have some fun.”

Holland told reporters he apologized to Ogawa too.

The Giants expanded on their comment from yesterday as well. Their official statement:

“We do not condone that type of behavior nor does it reflect our organizational values. Derek has taken full responsibility for his actions and has made a public apology.”

As noted yesterday, Holland and Ogawa are friends and Ogawa was reportedly in on the joke. As such, Holland’s words — that he was just trying to have some fun — ring true. It’s the case, though, that one’s intentions and what one does don’t always match up due to a judgment lapse or an execution lapse or any number of other things. When that happens things, as here, come off poorly. Good for Holland for acknowledging that and apologizing quickly and without any fuss.

We all mess up sometimes. It’s not really that hard to say you’re sorry when you do.