Fargo-Moorhead Readhawks

Independent league player drags trash can onto field in argument with ump


The Fargo-Moorhead Redhawks are an independent league team in the American Association. Last night they played the Chicago Dogs and won. It wasn’t all smooth sailing, though.

One of the Redhawks’ players — outfielder Brennan Metzger — took a third strike call he did not exactly agree with. After an argument he was ejected. He left the field but then immediately came back dragging a trash can, which he placed behind the plate, pointed at the ump and said “go your home.”

Which . . . is pretty next level stuff, really:

Metzger, 28, was a 22nd round pick of the Giants in 2012 but has been out of affiliated ball since 2015. He’s actually raking for Fargo-Moorhead this year, but I doubt this will get him a look by a big league club, even if we all watch it several times.

There was a fight in the Wrigley Field bleachers last night

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The Pirates beat the Cubs pretty easily last night. There was far more fight in the folks from Chicago out in the bleachers.

A brawl erupted among a group of fans. It was fairly messy as far as fights go. Lots of shoving and yelling and some punches thrown but no one really distinguished themselves or covered themselves with honor or glory. Well, two people did, for wildly different reasons. The fight was recorded by Danny Rockett, who hosts a podcast for the BleedCubbieBlue website. There are two videos below showing most of the relevant action.

I will give some honor and glory points to the middle aged guy in the blue jacket in the first video who kept repeating, over and over again, “there’s no fighting in the bleachers!” He was dead wrong about that, obviously, as there was actually a considerable amount of fighting, but I respect his aspirational mantra:

There was also a guy who distinguished himself but for extremely dubious reasons. I’m talking about the guy here in this second video who hurled racist epithets at one of his adversaries. That was special, but nowhere near as special at his reaction when he realized that someone was filming him.

Listen for him saying “DON’T RECORD ME!” and, just after that, “if my unit sees that I’m dead!” Which I presume means a military unit, but I’m not sure:

It’s amazing what people will say when they don’t think anyone is documenting it. And how freaked out they get once they realize that, yeah, someone was. I’m sure if this guy hits the news once he’s identified he’ll talk about how “that’s not who he is” or something like that. Don’t listen to him if he says that. Because, as is quite clear here, that’s exactly who he is. That’s exactly who most people are who get caught saying stuff like this.