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Carlos Gomez flops after hit by pitch


Carlos Gomez (a) likes to crowd the plate and thus gets hit by pitches more than just about anyone; and (b) is the current active leader in being entertaining and demonstrative on the field. As such, it’s no surprise at all that he found a way to make a hit-by-pitch kind of fun over the weekend.

Gomez’s Rays were playing the White Sox down in St. Pete on Saturday when a Carlos Rodon fastball found his back. Rather than grunt and grimace he went all soccer floppy with it:

His teammates loved it:

That was about as much damage as anyone would do against Rodon that evening — he allowed only one unearned run on three hits and somehow survived walking five dudes and hitting Gomez — and the White Sox won. But at least someone had some fun with it all.

Carlos Carrasco pitched in game action

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Indians starter Carlos Carrasco was diagnosed with leukemia earlier this summer. He’d been out since June. Despite that diagnosis, he and the Indians insisted that he would make every effort to come back this year. Yesterday he took a big step in that direction, making his first rehab appearance at Double-A Akron.

He only tossed one inning, walking one batter and striking out another. He thew 16 pitches but cranked it up to 97 with his first offering. Not too shabby.

It’s unclear what the timetable is for him returning to Cleveland. If they intend to use him as a starter again he’ll obviously need several more appearances to get stretched out. If he’s to be used as a reliever, fewer obviously. What his stamina level is and will be is also an open question.

However that gets sorted out, it’s good so have him back in action.