Carlos Gomez flops after hit by pitch

Tampa Bay Rays

Carlos Gomez (a) likes to crowd the plate and thus gets hit by pitches more than just about anyone; and (b) is the current active leader in being entertaining and demonstrative on the field. As such, it’s no surprise at all that he found a way to make a hit-by-pitch kind of fun over the weekend.

Gomez’s Rays were playing the White Sox down in St. Pete on Saturday when a Carlos Rodon fastball found his back. Rather than grunt and grimace he went all soccer floppy with it:

His teammates loved it:

That was about as much damage as anyone would do against Rodon that evening — he allowed only one unearned run on three hits and somehow survived walking five dudes and hitting Gomez — and the White Sox won. But at least someone had some fun with it all.