Mets lose 25-4 to Nationals

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The Mets have had better nights. After five innings against the Nationals in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday night, the Mets are trailing 19-0. Yep, 19-0. It’s the sixth time this season a team has scored at least 19 runs in a game and we’re just past the halfway point.

Here’s how the runs scored:

  • 1st inning
  • 2nd inning
    • Daniel Murphy two-run home run (9-0)
    • Matt Wieters RBI single (10-0)
  • 3rd inning
    • Daniel Murphy three-run home run (13-0)
  • 4th inning
    • Bryce Harper RBI double (14-0)
    • Ryan Zimmerman two-run home run (16-0)
  • 5th inning
    • Anthony Rendon three-run double (19-0)

The Mets pitchers on the hook:

The Nationals are on pace to score 30 runs. That has happened exactly once in baseball history, when the Rangers beat the Orioles 30-3 on August 22, 2007. Wes Littleton famously got the save in that game, pitching three scoreless innings.

Update (10:21 PM ET): Jose Reyes came in to pitch the bottom of the eighth and things devolved from there. Matt Adams hit a two-run home run, Mark Reynolds hit a three-run home run, and Wilmer Difo hit an RBI triple to bring the score to 25-1. The Nationals’ 25 runs are the most a team has scored since that 30-3 game.

The Mets stormed for three runs in the top of the ninth, but the game was finalized as a 25-4 loss.