Red Sox not happy with Orioles’ handling of rain delays

Getty Images

The Orioles and Red Sox played through rain delays in Baltimore on Monday, resulting in a rain-shortened game. Last night they got underway and played an inning before storms moved in, leading to the game being postponed, erasing the Sox’ 5-0 lead. Rain happens, but the Red Sox are mad at the way the Orioles handled it all.

The decision to start a game is up to the home team and, on both Monday and last night, it seemed pretty clear that big, big storms were about to roll through. Monday’s game lasted only two batters when umpires — who take control of stoppages after the first pitch — called for the tarps. According to the Boston Globe, the Red Sox are mad that the O’s started the games in the first place.

David Price, as he is wont to do, offered a pretty colorful quote about it, saying “[Expletive] yeah I’m pissed.” I am not sure what the actual expletive was, but I have a sneaking suspicion that your phone would autocorrect it to “duck.”

In the Orioles’ defense, they’re really terrible, cannot draw very well and having Boston fans in town for a few days, buying beer and hot dogs and stuff, is probably their playoffs. It’d be a shame to deny them that.