Let’s not leave Trea Turner out of our Lack-of-Hustle Day Festivities

Getty Images

Because everything that happens matters more when it happens to the Yankees, it’s understandable that our attention last night and this morning was focused on Gary Sanchez’s slow lope down to first base costing the Yankees a run. But he was not the only member of the Monday Night Lollygagger’s Club. Heck, he wasn’t even the evening’s most impressive lollygagger.

That award goes to Trea Turner of the Nationals, who squared to bunt, actually made contact with the ball, saw the ball go in to fair territory and then just stood at home plate, throwing his bat and helmet down and being disgusted rather than even attempt to run it out. Watch:

The ump called it fair. You can tell Turner knew it too, as he didn’t do the “what?!” look-back at the ump, which might’ve suggested he thought he fouled it off.

Would he have been out even if he had run? Probably. But it’s also worth remembering that Turner is one of the fastest guys in the game and you gotta at least make the catcher make the play.

Manager Dave Martinez thought so at least. After the game he said there’s “a good chance” Turner won’t play in today’s game, suggesting a benching. I think that may be a bit harsh — the Nats need to win some games to make up some ground on the Braves and Phillies and Turner is one of their best players — but it’s hard to say that Turner put in a laudable effort there.