Four teams pushing hard for Zach Britton

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With Manny Machado traded the next biggest name in the rumor mill is his former teammate, Orioles closer Zach Britton. Based on what’s buzzing today, it sounds like he could be moved at any time.

Jerry Crasnick of ESPN writes that “It’s looking like a four-team scramble” between the Astros, Red Sox, Yankees, and Cubs for Britton, with both Crasnick and SiriusXM’s Jim Bowden saying that the Yankees and Astros are the frontrunners, having added to their offers for the closer.

A weird report from Buster Olney adds another wrinkle:

That one seems to make less sense for the Orioles than it does the Dodgers. Yeah, the Dodgers want to stay below the luxury tax, but the O’s want — or at least should want — prospects in return for Britton, not a veteran with a price tag. Though I suppose they could muscle a better package if they took on Puig and could flip him too. Seems rather complicated, though, and given the sorts of injuries the Dodgers have dealt with over the past couple of years — and given how depth has been their secret weapon — I have a hard time seeing them part ways with Puig.

This is all still shaking out, obviously, and as we saw with Manny Machado, a lot of the rumors that get passed along will be bogus as all get-out. Still, it seems like Britton — who has put in eight straight scoreless appearances while showing increased velocity — is going to be on the move soon.