Tim Tebow likely out for season with broken hamate bone

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Adam Schefter reports that Tim Tebow broke the hamate bone in his right hand while swinging a bat this weekend. He says he’s scheduled to have surgery tomorrow and that, in all likelihood, he’s out for the rest of the season.

It’s a tough break for Tebow who, while not exactly dominating, has played respectably and has worked hard in his second full season as a minor leaguer. Tebow, 30, was promoted to Double-A Binghamton at the start of the 2018 season and has hit .273/.336/.399 with six home runs, a stolen base and a .734 OPS through 298 plate appearances. He even made the Double-A All-Star team. While his baseball career was derided by many — included this author — as something between a lark and a publicity stunt, Tebow has kept his head down, put in the work and has rode the busses like any other minor leaguer, and it’s worth a tip of the cap to him for that.

Some had speculated that the Mets, going nowhere and perhaps looking for a late-season promotional opportunity, would call Tebow up for a brief cup of coffee this September. If that was ever in the offing it’s likely not the case any longer. The next question for Tebow is whether he’ll return to baseball in 2019 and continue the second act of his athletic life.