Settling the Scores: Fourth of July Edition

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Happy Fourth of July, folks. As it’s a holiday we’re going a bit light on the recaps here because there is a lot of patriotism, cooking and celebrating to do. As many of you know, I’m personally partial to America’s Native Spirt in my celebrations. In its honor I wrote a little thing recently about some of it being stolen that you may find interesting. Or not, but just know that there’s nothing more American than bourbon, even if it has a French name.

Wait, that’s not true. There’s nothing more American than baseball, even if it’s really descended from British sports. It’s really fun when baseball does American things too. Like, say, when Braves shortstop Jeff Blauser hit a two-run home run in Atlanta’s 4-2 win over the Cubs on July 4, 1992. It was the 1,776th homer hit on Independence Day in baseball history. I wish Skip Caray knew that at the time because he’d likely have something fun to say about it, but he didn’t. I learned it on

Other Fourth of July fun: that was the day of the famous Rick Camp Game, which technically ended on the Fifth of July. If you don’t know about it, know that it was between the Mets and Braves in Atlanta, it went 19 innings — really ticking off fans who came just for the postgame fireworks — and featured Mets reliever Tom Gorman blowing extra-innings leads twice, including once on a three-run homer to Braves reliever Rick Camp in the 18th inning. Keith Hernandez hit for the cycle but no one remembers that. Most Braves fans who talk about that game also seem to forget that the Braves lost, actually, with New York scoring four runs off of Camp in the 19th inning.

Here’s hoping we have something as fun in today and tonight’s action. In the meantime, here’s what happened last night:

Cubs 5, Tigers 3
Brewers 2, Twins 0
Red Sox 11, Nationals 4
Yankees 8, Braves 5
Phillies 3, Orioles 2
Blue Jays 8, Mets 6
White Sox 12, Reds 8
Rays 9, Marlins 6
Astros 5, Rangers 3
Rockies 8, Giants 1
Indians 6, Royals 4
Athletics 6, Padres 2
Diamondbacks 4, Cardinals 2
Mariners 4, Angels 1
Dodgers 8, Pirates 3