Ball bounces off Tim Tebow’s head for triple

Getty Images

The Mets are utterly terrible. Sadly, they’re not even terrible in a so-bad-it’s-good way. They’re just unpleasant to watch in nearly every respect.

Meanwhile, their most famous minor leaguer, Tim Tebow, is actually playing pretty decently all things considered. He’s not changing people’s minds about his long or even mid-term prospects as a ballplayer, but he’s been playing passable baseball for Double-A Binghamton, hitting .265/.335/.394 on the year and has improved as the season has gone on.

That’s not the sort of thing that will normally get a guy promoted, but Tebow is not a normal guy. Given the fact that he’s at least looked professional on a baseball field and given how miserable the Mets are these days, it would not be crazy to see them move him up to Triple-A soon in preparation for a late-season, publicity-and-economically-motivated callup to New York. Or, heck, they may just let him play in Binghamton all year and go straight to Citi Field. Weirder things have happened and, as long as the games don’t really count for much, it’d probably be pretty fun to see.

Not quite as fun as what happened to Tebow the other night in Portland, however. A ball was hit off the Green Monster replica they have in left field — it’s called the Maine Monster, BTW — came down and bounced right off of Tebow’s head. It flew far enough away to where the batter got a Triple. Watch:

If Jose Canseco could play major league baseball for several years after allowing a homer off of his head, Tebow should at least be allowed a few meaningless games in late September, right?