The Mets new GM team is willing to listen to offers on Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard

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Recently, when reporters asked Mets general manager Sandy Alderson about the possibility of the floundering Mets trading Jacob deGrom or Noah Syndergaard to kick off a full-scale rebuild, he quipped about how sure, he’d consider it . . . . if a team gave them their top 10 or 20 prospects. Or words to that effect anyway. The upshot was clear: you can ask, but you probably shouldn’t bother.

Alderson, unfortunately, has stepped down due to health concerns. With a new three-man executive team in place, the press asked yesterday if that position has changed. Mets assistant GM John Ricco, while still couching it all in “we’ll listen” terms, did seem to sound much more open to the idea:

“We’ll have to consider [it] . . . For me, everything has to be on the table. But you have to look long and hard before you move a game-changing, top-of-the-rotation pitcher.”

Those comments came in the course of broader comments about the Mets being strategy at the trade deadline in the runup to which Ricco said the Mets will “look to be active.”

Ricco said that a massive rebuild is not what the Mets are considering, but really, if you trade one or both of your ace starters, that’s pretty much what you’re doing. Syndergaard has been out for a month due to a ligament injury in his finger but both he and deGrom, who has been among the best pitchers in baseball this year, would be game-changers for teams looking to improve at the deadline.

While, due to his interest in maintaining leverage, you cannot expect Ricco to say “yeah, you can have ’em, we’re open for business,” his comments yesterday certainly made it seem like the club would be far more willing to listen than Alderson had previously suggested.