Police ID body of man found in freezer at SunTrust Park

Getty Images

A dead body was found in a walk-in freezer at SunTrust Park, the home of the Atlanta Braves, on Tuesday. Yesterday police revealed the man’s identity.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, his name was Todd Keeling of White Bear Lake, Minnesota. He was 48. Keeling had been at SunTrust Park to install a beer-pouring technology that he had invented. It was a nozzle that filled cups of beer far faster than traditional taps. He was working on installing taps at the park overnight the night before his body was found.

The AJC reports that police told the family that Keeling was trapped in the cooler and couldn’t get out. The cooler did not go below 40 degrees, but hypothermia — if that was the cause of death — can set in at any temperatures well above freezing depending on other factors such as clothing, moisture and a person’s general health, among other things. And, of course, the longer one is exposed to such conditions the more dangerous it can be.

Autopsy results and a final police report is not yet in, but it’s beginning to look like this was an awful accident.