Mets released Adrián González because he slumped briefly

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

SNY’s Andy Martino reports that Mets GM Sandy Alderson said his team released first baseman Adrián González because he slumped over a period of about two weeks. Alderson said, “The last 15 games, his OPS was right about .500, which is not great. Overall, below .700. Also not great.”

Indeed, Gonzalez went 3-for-28 with a double in nine games between May 31 and June 10, after which he was released. On the season, he hit .237/.299/.373 over 187 plate appearances. It’s not great, and certainly defensible that the Mets would want a better player with his roster spot.

What is weird, however, is using that reasoning to justify getting rid of a player when the club has gone out of its way to keep José Reyes rostered. Reyes is batting .149/.213/.203 on the season, which is beyond not great. In fact, it’s downright awful. The Mets, however, want to give Reyes a proper sendoff — ideally giving him a retirement news conference. It’s understandable why a team would want to give a longtime productive player a nice wave goodbye, but during the offseason prior to the 2016 season, Reyes was arrested for allegedly grabbing his wife by the throat and shoving her into a sliding glass door in their hotel room. The charges were dropped but Reyes was still suspended for the first 51 games of the 2016 season without pay.

If González’s level of unproductivity is grounds for release, it makes one wonder why the Mets are going out of their way to keep Reyes around given his troublesome history off the field and his incredible lack of productivity on the field this season. Don’t forget, Reyes won the NL batting title in 2011. The Mets then let him walk into free agency, eventually signing with the Marlins. Loyalty hasn’t exactly been the most common thread in the relationship between Reyes and the Mets.