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Settling the Scores: Friday night’s results


Hi, all. Just filling in for a little morning scores thread. I’d do a full ATH but I’m battling ants who have found their way into the kitchen via some cracks in the grout. I mean, sure, I can kill ants like some sort of ant terminator, but they keep coming, and at some point you gotta fix the cracks, right? Or I could just let the cats get ’em all. They rather enjoy that, actually, but at some point you also have to wonder if it’s super great for cats to eat a bunch of ants. My life is very complicated, if you were unaware.

As for the baseball, it was a rather painful night for a number of pitchers, with Stephen Strasburg, Masahiro Tanaka and Walker Buehler all getting banged up and/or injured. It was painful for the Rays too, albeit more cosmically, as they lost their eighth straight game. The Mets lost their seventh straight. The Royals their sixth. The Yankees, meanwhile, won their eighth of ten and moved in to first place in the AL East by a half a game.

Ian Happ made a pretty spiffy diving catch to end the Cubs-Pirates game. He made three great catches, actually. Is there such a thing as a “walkoff catch?” Sure, now there is.

Ryan Braun hit a couple of homers as the Brewers won. Paul Goldschmidt hit a couple of homers as the Diamondbacks won. Khris Davis, Yasmani Grandal and Jose Martinez each hit a couple of homers as the A’s, Dodgers and Cardinals won, respectively. Note: if you hit two homers, your team stands a pretty good chance of winning.

Trevor Bauer dominated the Tigers and won. Chris Sale dominated the White Sox but the Red Sox lost. Jacob deGrom, once again, pitched well but didn’t get much help from the Mets’ bats as the Yankees beat their crosstown rivals. Note: you can dominate all you want when you’re pitching, but your’e gonna need some help.

Anyway, here are the scores:

Cubs 3, Pirates 1
Giants 9, Nationals 5
Brewers 12, Phillies 4
Blue Jays 5, Orioles 1
White Sox 1, Red Sox 0
Indians 4, Tigers 1
Cardinals 7, Reds 6
Yankees 4, Mets 1
Marlins 4, Padres 0
Mariners 4, Rays 3
Astros 7, Rangers 3
Angels 4, Twins 2
Diamondbacks 9, Rockies 4
Athletics 7, Royals 2
Dodgers 7, Braves 3

Octavio Dotel, Luis Castillo arrested in drug, money laundering investigation

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Five years ago, Octavio Dotel retired following a 15-year career in which he pitched for a then-record 13 different teams. I’m not exactly sure what he’s been up to since then, but I know that today he got arrested, as did former Marlins, Twins and Mets second baseman Luis Castillo.

That’s the report from Héctor Gómez, and from the Dominican Today, each of whom report that the two ex-big leaguers were arrested today in connection with a longstanding money laundering and/or drug investigation focused on one César Peralta. also known as “César the Abuser.” So he sounds fun. Gómez characterizes it as a money laundering thing. Reporter Dionisio Soldevila characterizes it as “drug trafficking charges.” Such charges often go hand-in-hand, of course. I’m sure more details will be come out eventually. For now we have the report of their arrests. According to the Dominican Today, four cars belonging to Dotel were confiscated as well.

Dotel didn’t debut until he was 25, and for his first couple of years with the Mets and Astros he struggled to establish himself as a starter. He was switched full-time to the Houston bullpen at 27, however, and went on to make 724 relief appearances with a 3.32 ERA and a .207 opponents’ batting average while racking up 955 strikeouts in 760 innings. At the time of his retirement his career strikeout rate — 10.8 per nine innings — was the best in the history of baseball for right-handed pitchers with at least 900 innings, edging out Kerry Wood and Pedro Martinez.

Castillo also played 15 seasons, with a career line of .290/.368/.351. He was a three-time All Star and won three Gold Glove awards.