Sneaky fan switches jerseys to get souvenir balls from both teams

Getty Images

Most folks in the ballpark stand at least a slim chance of getting a foul ball or a home run ball to take home with them. Not a great chance, but if you’re lucky, you’re lucky.

When you’re sitting down near the field, however, luck is less important than opportunity. If you’re near the dugout or the bullpen, you might get a ball tossed to you by a player, coach, a bat boy or someone working the foul lines. In those instances, you can improve your chances by (a) being a kid; (b) being cute or funny or charming; or (c) being annoyingly persistent. No matter which approach you take, however, being an enthusiastic fan of the team which employs the player tossing the ball is your best bet.

If you don’t fit any of those categories, you can always go for deception, like this dude in AT&T Park did last night for the Diamondbacks-Giants game, donning the livery of both clubs in order to improve his chances to get a baseball:

Shameful. Pick a side, man. Pick a side.