Tigers sign Junichi Tazawa to a minor league deal

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The Detroit Tigers have long had bullpen problems. They mattered a lot more back when they were contenders than they matter now, but you still don’t want your bullpen to stink, so you try to do something about it if you can. Those contending Tigers never managed to do much to fix it, but the 2018 Tigers are trying: they just signed Junichi Tazawa.

Again: something that may have mattered more in 2013 or 2014 back when Tazawa was, you know, good, but it’s a no-cost move for the Tigers given that the Marlins are on the hook for what remains of the two-year $12 million deal he signed with Miami before the 2017 season.

As for the pitching, well, good luck. Tazawa allowed 20 earned runs in 20 innings, allowing 12.6 hits per nine innings in 22 appearances for Miami before being released. Figure he’ll bide his time in Toledo for a while, trying to show the Tigers he’s worth a callup.