Benches clear after final out of Angels-Rangers game

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Things got a little dicey after the last out of the Angels’ 6-0 win on Friday, prompting a benches-clearing confrontation as the Angels sealed the shutout with a 4-6-3 double play. In the ninth inning, Ronald Guzman slapped a grounder right to second baseman Ian Kinsler, who flipped it to Andrelton Simmons to catch Rougned Odor for the second out, then fired it back to first base to complete the double play.

Odor slid into second base spikes-high in an attempt to break up the double play, catching Simmons’ shin and doing enough damage that the shortstop’s leg had to be treated after the game (though it doesn’t appear severe enough to keep him out of the lineup for Saturday’s rematch). Simmons was reportedly angry about the dirty slide, while Odor asserted that he had simply made a “good slide,” one that did not violate theĀ rules of runner interference.

As soon as Albert Pujols recorded the final out of the game, Odor and Simmons went head-to-head in a lively discussion about the slide while the benches and dugouts cleared around them. The two were quickly separated during the shouting match, however, and no replay review was needed to overturn the double play.

Later that evening, Simmons offered an alternate explanation for the fracas, telling’s Avery Yang, “I was trying to tell him, ‘You forgot to say hello to your family for me.’ He’s like ‘No, I didn’t forget, I told them.’ I was like ‘No, they told me you didn’t tell them.’ He wasn’t very happy about it so, it’s OK.”

The Angels and Rangers are scheduled to face off again on Saturday at 9:07 PM ET.