Danny Farquhar tosses ceremonial first pitch


Six weeks after White Sox hurler Danny Farquhar suffered a brain hemorrhage, the pitcher returned to the mound. While he’s not expected to return to the Sox’ pitching staff this season, he enjoyed a touching moment with his teammates after tossing out the ceremonial first pitch prior to Friday’s game against the Brewers.

Farquhar was joined on the mound by his wife and three children, as well as his teammates and the medical staff who helped facilitate his recovery. “The thing that caught me off guard was the whole team coming out to the mound,” the righty said in a media session on Friday. “I thought that was an incredibly special moment. Whoever’s decision that was, I’m sure it was James Shields. He’s an incredible leader that we have.” (He also revealed that he had spent plenty of time rehearsing the pitch with reliever Nate Jones, just to make sure the pitch wouldn’t bounce on the ground.)

Farquhar, 31, was hospitalized in April when he collapsed on the steps of the dugout with a brain hemorrhage caused by a ruptured aneurysm. He underwent surgery and is on the road to a complete recovery, though he has not been medically released to pitch again during the 2018 season.