Yu Darvish thinks Cubs fans hate him

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Steve Greenberg of the Chicago Sun-Times spoke to Cubs catcher Chris Gimenez, and Gimenez tells him that Yu Darvish thinks Cubs fans hate him:

“I think he thinks that Chicago hates him for going on the DL a couple of times . . . He reads Twitter. He reads all that stuff. We all do. Honestly, I know it upsets him — and rightfully so.”

Gimenez tells Darvish, though, that it’ll all be good if and when the Cubs are in the playoffs and he’s playing well, correctly noting that this dynamic is very much an of-the-moment thing. Especially when it involves a high-priced free agent for whom there are high expectations.

For now, though, yeah: Darvish is not making Cubs fans happy. He has only made eight starts on the season and in those eight starts he’s given up 22 earned runs in 40 innings and is walking guys at a higher rate than at any time in his career. At the moment he’s back on the 10-day DL with inflammation in his right triceps and is expected to miss a couple more starts.

All of which makes it hard to get back into Cubs fans’ good graces. But, as is the case with most guys catching hell from a fan base, it’ll all go away if the team does well and he’s a part of that success.