There was a small earthquake during the Reds-Giants game

Getty Images

No runs were scored in the top of the first inning of Monday night’s Reds-Giants game at AT&T Park — and even if there were, it’d be the visiting team scoring, so not many in the crowd would cheer — but the place was rockin’ anyway. Why? Earthquake.

It wasn’t a big earthquake. Only a magnitude 3.5 number, centered a bit east of Oakland. There were no reports of damage or injuries, though it did cause BART to be delayed by about ten minutes. People felt it in a pretty wide area, but they didn’t feel much.

It could be noticed if you were watching the ballgame on NBC Sports Bay Area, though. Check it out as they rumble and sway:

The Giants won the game 10-7. Brandon Belt‘s eighth inning homer and three RBI was the biggest aftershock.