Some teams reportedly interested in trading for Matt Harvey for some reason

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The Mets designated Matt Harvey for assignment over the weekend because (a) he seemingly can’t pitch good anymore; and (b) he’s been a difficult presence who seems hellbent on sabotaging himself. Meanwhile, he’s making $5.6 million bucks, so if a team were to trade for him, they’d have to pay what’s left of that cash on the year for the privilege of trying to reassemble him into something approaching a useful pitcher.

In light of that, I’d bet the house that the other 29 clubs in Major League Baseball would wait until seven days pass and he becomes a free agent, after which he could be signed for the prorated league minimum. He’d still be a bag of mismatched Lego pieces without the picture on the box to show you what you’re trying to build at that point, but at least he’d be affordable.

Andy Martino of SNY reports, however, that there is at least some interest in Harvey at full price:

Texas assistant pitching coach Dan Warthen is encouraging his front office to consider Harvey. Warthen, who was the longtime Mets’ pitching coach, has been a fan since Harvey’s prospect days. The Seattle Mariners also have some interest in Harvey, per major league sources.

Gotta feel like that’s just talk, but this blog literally has “talk” in its name, so we pass it along. That said, if I wanted to get Matt Harvey as a bargain basement free agent, I might put word out there that I was at least considering him as a trade target. We all want to feel wanted.