Tyler Beede’s mom stops interview to watch her son hit

Getty Images

Tyler Beede is the Giants top pitching prospect and last night he made his big league debut. It was not great. He struggled with his command, striking out three and walking five while allowing two runs on three hits over four innings of work. He got a no-decision but went home happy when Andrew McCutchen hit a walkoff single to give the Giants a win.

The top Beede-related highlight, however, came when Beede came to the plate to bat for his first major league at bat.

At the time Beede’s mother, Cheryl Rivers, was being interviewed in the stands by NBC Sports Bay Area reporter Amy Gutierrez. Rivers was explaining how her son told her he got called up. She was in the middle of the story when Beede’s name was called by the P.A. announcer. Rivers asked, quite politely, if she could stop the interview to watch her son hit.¬†Gutierrez did not, obviously, object:

Beede struck out, but as a parent, I’m pretty confident that his mom didn’t mind a bit.

Now, if only major league managers were so bold as to ask if their in-game interviews could be stopped in the middle of the action we’d really be getting someplace.