Bryce Harper double-fists hair dryers

Getty Images

My brother is two years older than me. We always got along pretty well growing up. He never tormented me and we never had fierce competition like you hear about with some siblings. It was all pretty chill. He did, however, spend a lot of effort trying to get under my skin in subtle ways, poking fun, playing pranks and trying to get me to lose my composure. I was the more serious kid and if he could get me to be less serious or lose my cool, he won.

Not too unusual I don’t suspect. My kids are only 19 months apart and they’re pretty close, but they do the same things. I’m sure many of you grew up with a brother and sister that way too.

So too, apparently, did Bryce Harper with his older brother Bryan. Indeed, even in their 20s, they’re still growing up that way:

“Dude!” is the most popular, involuntary response to any sibling teasing, by the way. Which is why I tend to believe this is real and not staged.