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Bartolo Colon started a sweet ricochet double play last night


The Angels beat the Rangers pretty badly last night and Bartolo Colon came in for mopup duty. As far as mopup duty he did pretty well, allowing one run over three innings of work. His highlight for the night did not come with his pitching arm, however. It came with his glove. Kinda.

In the top of the seventh, Colon was facing Albert Pujols, who hit a ball hard right back at the big guy. Colon couldn’t catch it, but he did stab at it, causing the ball to bounce off his glove and right into the waiting mitt of Jurickson Profar. Ryan Schimpf, who was on first pinch-running for Mike Trout, had taken off with the crack of the bat and was easily doubled off of first base. Watch:

Two innings later Colon got Shoehi Ohtani out on a groundout. Which, I understand, is major baseball news, so it’s certainly the case that Big Sexy had a big night.

CC Sabathia hopes to play one more year

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Back in May, Yankees starter CC Sabathia said he’d retire if the Yankees won the World Series. That still may be the plan, but he recently told that he’s going to try to pitch in 2019, health willing:

“I’m start to start. I go out one start and feel like I can pitch five more years. I go out another start and I’m done. But if I can stay healthy — if my knee holds up — hopefully I’ll play one more.”

Sabathia is enjoying a nice late-career renaissance, having transformed himself from the dominant lefty he used to be to a crafty one over the past several seasons. Sabathia will turn 38 on Saturday, but he’s having another solid season. He has a 3.51 ERA and 1.27 WHIP over 18 starts.

Will a World Series decide whether he hangs ’em up? Will his knee? Guess we’ll know by November.