There were some poorly-attended games last night

Getty Images

As I mentioned in the recaps this morning, paid attendance at the Mets-Marlins game was 7,003. That’s the lowest attendance for a regularly-scheduled big league game this decade. The only ones lower came at that game they played in the small park at the Little League World Series last summer, a couple of relocated games in the wake of hurricanes and that game with no crowd at all in Baltimore in the wake of the riots following the Freddie Gray verdict.

The Marlins weren’t the only ones with poor attendance on Monday, however. There were only 7,915 in Baltimore and only 9,843 in Cleveland. Unlike in Miami, however, where it was 85 degrees, the weather was godawful for the O’s and Indians games, making the low draw pretty understandable. It’s going to get warmer as the week goes on, but until now the east and midwest have been stuck on January for months.

Later in the year when overall attendance numbers are spoken about and people are drawing conclusions about WHAT IT ALL MEANS, remember that (a) for many major league cities, the first two weeks of the season have basically been like deleted scenes from “Snowpiercer,”; and that (b) the Marlins have worked overtime to aggressively alienate their fans. From there, adjust accordingly.