Happy Cubs home opener!

Library of Congress

Today I looked at my little Facebook “On This Day” feature, which shows what I was doing on this day in years past. This time last year I was embarking on a six-mile hike on a 72 degree day. As I look out my window now, however, I’ve got snow flurries and it’s around 28 degrees out. Not ideal.

It’s less ideal¬† in Chicago today. Right now it’s 33 and snowing in the Windy City an the snow is likely to keep up for another hour or so. Today’s high: 37. Maybe. Here’s what it looked like this morning:

At 1:10 PM Central time today the Rays take on the White Sox on the South Side. At 1:20PM Central time today the Pirates take on the Cubs in the Cubs’ home opener at Wrigley Field.


Have fun in the bleachers!