Tonight’s Dodgers-Giants game is postponed

Getty Images

It was already a weird enough Friday schedule in that only nine games, as opposed to a full slate of 15 games, was originally scheduled. You’ll have that with built-in offdays for many clubs due to yesterday’s home openers. MLB likes to build in an offday the day following those in case of a rainout. The upshot: the lightest Friday schedule in a dog’s age.

Now make it only eight games, because one has been cancelled: the Dodgers vs. the Giants in San Francisco. Where, no, a post-home opener offday was not originally scheduled because you tend not to get a lot of rainouts in California. Indeed, this is the first postponement in San Francisco since 2006. Welp, stuff happens.

They’re likewise moving tomorrow’s game to 3PM Pacific time. It had been scheduled for 1PM. Guess they want some extra time for things to blow over. No word on the makeup, but it’ll likely be a doubleheader sometime soon. The Giants and Dodgers play each other A LOT in the early going this year.

UPDATE: The game will be made up as part of a doubleheader on April 28.