Yankees fans boo Giancarlo Stanton in first home game

Getty Images

You’ve likely heard already that Giancarlo Stanton’s first game in Yankee Stadium did not go well for him. He wore the Platinum Sombrero, striking out five times on an 0-for-5 day.

You may have also heard that some Yankees fans booed Stanton after his fourth and his fifth punch-out. Here’s video:

Multiple beat writers in attendance at the game likewise noted the booing.

There was a time when I’d really take Yankees fans to task for this. I did so eight years ago in a post here when Javier Vazquez got booed early in the season and I as pretty strident about it. Over time my views on this sort of thing have softened, however, shifting from “how dare you boo?” to acknowledging that anyone who buys a ticket has a right to boo if they want, especially when they buy a ticket as expensive as Yankees tickets are. Let no one, least of all me, tell a fan what he or she can or should do at the ballpark as long as they’re not breaking the rules or being a pest or what have you.

Still, just because you have a right to boo doesn’t mean your booing is righteous. It can be. There’s a lot of funny and ironic booing one can do that’s always fine. If guys don’t put forth effort or if something truly crappy happens, sure, boo away.

I’m struggling to see how booing Stanton on his first dang day in pinstripes qualifies, though. Even if he made it up a sixth time and struck out again I couldn’t see it. The guy is a beast. He just got here. He hasn’t hit for contact yet, but he jacked two homers in his first game, a mere five days prior. His strikeouts here did not cause the Yankees to lose. Indeed, they won and were winning when he got his loudest boos.

Again: if you buy your ticket you can boo all you want. I’m not gonna be the booing cops. But if you are booing Stanton on April freaking third, I’m going to boo your unreasonable sense of entitlement.